Points Awarded: 1st: 10    2nd: 8

3rd: 6      4th: 4

5th: 2


POD Points Tables


The NZCDS has a annual series points prize for POD compeitions. There are three classes, Open, Novice or Donkey.

Most combinations will start in Novice and progress into the Open class once they have won five POD competitions in the Novice class. They can choose to move to Open at any stage, however, once a combination competes in the Open class, the combination can not return to the Novice class.


A POD includes a simple dressage test, a short cone course and four marathon obstacles. These compeitions are perfect for new drivers, green ponies or horses, or for fine tuning experienced ponies and horses prior to the CDE season. The POD convenor is Jennifer Carew. Jennifer is more then happy to travel throughout NZ to help clubs out who wish to run a POD as a stand alone event, or in combination with another event such as a OHCDT. Jennifer has published a quick reference article explaining the differences between PODs, OHCDEs and CDEs. To view this article - click here.

2021 - 2022 Open


2021 - 2022 Novice