NZCDS Driving News

Event / Club Secretaries: 
The reason for this notice is, I am sending out a request to all Secretaries, event

co-ordinators or whatever you like to call yourselves, whoever is in charge of the schedules and results for your events, whatever the event may be, however big or small they may be, to PLEASE, PLEASE, either email (you can use the form below) or post me the schedule, entry form, and following the event, the results so that I can post them on to our website so that everyone has access to them.


Graded Dressage

To all who are looking at registering their horses and ponies for NZCDS Graded Dressage Competitions.

In order to register your horse/pony for NZCDS Graded Dressage, you have to be a current member of the NZCDS

   Covid Vaccine Pass

For any events you are attending/entering,

could you please take a photo of your Covid Vaccine Pass and email it to the organiser of the event, along with your entries.

This will save having to check your pass upon arrival at the event.

Website Contact Details

For all Delegates and those holding positions 

on Council, can you please check that your 

details are correct in the Contact Us pages. 

If these need updating, please email Yvonne (

In line with current Government guidelines, the following will be implemented at our Combined Drive event.

Everyone entering the McKelvie property Pukermarama at 1597 Tangimoana Road, must carry proof of current double vaccination. There will be a notice on the main gate to this effect.

It is suggested that to save time, competitors and their helpers could include this with their entries.

Course viewing will be strictly controlled in "Bubbles"

There will be no communal meal on Saturday night, and the cottage will be for Officials use only apart from the ablution facilities.

Prize giving's will be held outside the cottage.

Stewards will be provided with a packed lunch, but asked to wait outside, until released by the President of the ground Jury following the marathon.

There will be no communal lunch on Sunday

Important information regarding CDDA Combined Drive Event, 29/30th January 2022

Graded Dressage Registration Card Validation

This message is to inform all those who haven't sent their Graded Dressage Card in to me for validation for the coming season, that if you don't before September 1st, there is a $10.00 late validation fee applied.

You need to send me your card, along with a stamped self addressed envelope before September 1st to avoid having to pay the late penalty fee.

Your card has to be validated by me every year, whether you have competed the previous season or not, if your card isn't current, secretaries are unable to accept your entry for any Graded Dressage Competition.

Yvonne. Weal

149 Kakepuku Road, R D 3, Te Awamutu, 3873