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NZCDS Subscriptions

These are now due

See the "Join us" tab on the left hand side of this page for the membership form.

Following the NZCDS AGM held recently in Blenheim, your subscription to the NZCDS will be due at the completion the AGM each year and cover the full year to the end of the following AGM.

(Those who have already paid their subs, this includes you and many thanks)

We also have a revamped Family membership so check this out as well.

Remember to get your subs paid by August 1st to get the benefit of the Early Bird fees.

Attention Event / Club Secretaries: 
The reason for this notice is, I am sending out a request to all Secretaries, event

co-ordinators or whatever you like to call yourselves, whoever is in charge of the schedules and results for your events, whatever the event may be, however big or small they may be, to PLEASE, PLEASE, either email (you can use the form below) or post me the schedule, entry form, and following the event, the results so that I can post them on to our website so that everyone has access to them.



To all who are looking at registering their horses and ponies for NZCDS Graded Dressage Competitions.

In order to register your horse/pony for NZCDS Graded Dressage, you have to be a current member of the NZCDS


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