Annual CDT Series Points Tables


CDE Series - Points Explanation

Annual Points Prizes for the Open Singles, Open Multiples, Intermediate, Novice Driver, Junior Driver, Donkeys and Mules.

All these categories have a separate Annual award.

The 5 best results for each competitor are counted for their final score.

Points are only for that season and do not carry forward to another season.

Points are allotted as follows:

Five Points for completing an event.


6 points for Overall Category - 1st

5 points for Overall Category - 2nd

4 points for Overall Category - 3rd

3 points for Overall Category - 4th

2 points for Overall Category - 5th

1 points for Overall Category - 6th

2016-2017 Open Singles


2016-2017 Open Multiples


2016-2017 Intermediate


2016-2017 Novice


2016-2017 Junior


2016-2017 Donkey


2016-2017 Donkey