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17th - 20th November 
Oruanui Pony Club, Taupo.  

Four Days of Training in advance of the 2023 Season - Come join us for a great long weekend of one on one lessons, fencesitting, group sessions and a whole lot of socialization and fun. Come along for all 4 days, or join us for 1, 2, or 3 days - the choice is yours. This camp is aimed at those drivers who are looking to compete at CDT in the 2024 season, from Novice Class through to Opens. You dont need to hold your level 1 certificate to attend, but it is highly recommended that you take the opportunity to sit it whilst at the camp. Delegates will be made available to complete this with you if you wish to do so. 

Fence sitting included in attendance fee. 


How the Weekend will work 

9.00am - Harness and Carriage Checks for all attendees. 
10.00am - 1.00pm - One on One Lessons
1.30pm - 2.30pm - Group Session - William Fisher - Dressage Q&A  Group Session - Ask the Master 
2.30pm - 6.00pm - One on One Lessons
Social Dinner - BBQ and Salads
After Dinner - Experienced Driver Panel - Panel of Experienced Open Drivers ready to answer your questions / give advice about all things driving

9.00am - 1.00pm - One on One Lessons
1.30pm - 3.00pm - Group Session - Lloyd Weal - Marathon Obstacles Walk the Marathon Obstacles with Lloyd Weal and learn the skill of managing your angles.
3.00pm - 6.00pm One on One Lessons
Social Dinner - Mexican Night
After Dinner - Quiz Night - Challenge for the Team Prize! 

9.00am - 1.00pm - One on One lessons 
1.30pm - Group Session - William Fisher - Cone Driving - Walk the Cones with William who will share his advice regarding keeping the ‘balls up’.
3.00pm - 6.00pm - One on One Lessons
Social Dinner - Fish n Chip Sunday
After Dinner - E-Bike Cones Comp.

9.00am - 12.00pm - One on One Lessons 
1.00pm - 3.30pm - MINI CDT 
Put everything that you have learnt to the test in our MINI CDT COMP
Drive the Dressage Test that you would drive as per your CDT Class, and 
drive the cones and Marathon Obstacles. Not judged, but you will recieve
feedback from the instructors of each phase, and some ‘take home’ 
pointers for you to contine working on. 
4.00pm - Thank you’s and Farewells.



We welcome William Fisher, Jennifer Carew and Lloyd Weal  to our instruction team this year. Click here to book lessons with these instructors - Lesson payment to be made directly to the instructors. Lesson costs on booking spreadsheet


Attendance Fee

NZCDS Members - $15 per person, per day OR $50 for all Four Days

Non Members - $25 per person, per day OR $85 for all Four Days

Overnight Camping Fees 

$5 per person, per night camping fee - includes access to toliets and showers 

Horse / Pony Ground and Yarding Fees

$30 per horse pony, per day/night. Includes ground fee and yarding.

Catering and Meals 

We would very much appreciate any catering that you can supply to keep our hard working instructors feed and watered with during the day. All items appreciated including lunch items, baking and drinks. We have access to a kitchen in the club rooms, however we do not know what appliances are in the kitchen at this stage. 

Dinners will be a 'team affair', with us all pitching in with both ingredients and energy to get the food ready for dinner.
Dinners are as per the programme and we will be in touch with registered attendees post close of registrations to let you know what to bring and what meal prep you will be part of. 
Please cater for your own breakfast, lunch and snacks. 

Organising Committee

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