About the NZCDS

About the NZCDS

New Zealand Carriage Driving Society (Inc).


The NZCDS was formed, as a national body, in 1983. At that time there were several driving clubs already established and it was felt that a co-ordinating body was necessary.


Currently there are approximately 100 members spread throughout the country with nine clubs in the North Island and three in the South Island.


Our competitive activities being based on, Combined Driving, Showing, Driven Dressage and P.O.D’s. (Precision, Obstacle, Driving).


Combined Driving is the equivalent to the ridden two and three day eventing and we hold these events throughout the North Island from December through to April. We culminate the Combined Drive Season with our Championship Event which is held at the end of April in the form of a three day event.


Showing includes the A&P shows throughout the country that hold harness classes, harness clubs that hold their own shows and the NZCDS hold a National Show in each of the Islands annually.


Driven Dressage has local competitions and a Championship weekend annually.


P.O.D’s are run throughout the season and these take the form of a dressage test being held in a smaller than normal arena, two hazards are set up, driven then the flags are changed so that the hazard is completely different and they are then driven again and then a set of cones is driven.

Our pleasure activities include pleasure drives, fun days, education days and general get together’s to catch up with each other and socialize.


Achievement Certificates.

These are available for members to sit and attain. There are two levels, Level 1 being basic knowledge and safety and Level 2, is more specific and requiring more skill and deeper knowledge.


Owing to our isolation and the logistics involved, we often rely on overseas instructors coming here to achieve our aims of having competitive drivers for International competitions.

We have, in the past been very fortunate to have Sarah Garnett, a prominent competitor and judge from Britain come here and take us for lessons and she will be returning in the future to help us with our driving